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Helping Parents Bring Out the Best in Their Children

Dear Parent

Welcome to my Family Child Care Home. I have prepared this letter to acquaint you with some of the activities your child will be experiencing while in my care and to make you aware of some areas of your child's development which I consider important and will be concentrating on daily.

I have arranged my home with your child's health and happiness in mind. Many toys are provided which will entertain and stimulate a child of any age. Some of our day is spent in "free play" as I believe this is very important for young children. Through play, children acquire many important social skills such as learning to share, taking turns, consideration for others, and decision making.

In addition to inside play/learning time, the children play outside whenever the weather permits. Items such as large wheeled toys are available to entertain your child while improving their coordination and contributing to the growth of their large muscles. Please make sure they have appropriate clothing.

Every morning we have a special story time. During story time the children learn songs and finger plays and practice counting skills and time concepts as they mark a daily calendar.

Your child is expected to eat breakfast at home before coming to daycare, Lunch should also be packed from home. This way you always know what they had for breakfast/lunch. Snacks will be provided both morning and afternoon.

Following lunch, children nap, listen to story records and look at books while they relax. Nap time usually last one to two hours. Children are not required to sleep, however they must stay quiet and respect other children who wish to rest.

Good manners and kind, thoughtful behavior towards others is always encouraged. Being responsible, dressing themselves, picking up toys, taking care of toys, putting away their own dishes at mealtime is another value I stress throughout each day.

My Family Child Care Home is neither a rigidly structured school nor is it a simple baby sitting service, but an attempt to provide some interesting activities and teach some skills in a comfortable familiar home environment. Because children's interest and energy levels vary day to day the amount of types of activities that we do may also vary.

I hope I have answered most of your questions concerning my home daycare program. If you ever have questions, please ask me and I will do my best to answer them. Also, please feel free to discuss with me any problems you may have concerning your child. I am very interested in the welfare of all of "my children" and am eager to work with you to insure that your child remains comfortable, safe and happy while visiting in my home.